Curtain Making - triple pinch pleat curtains

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Do you want to learn how to make beautiful, hand stitched, pinch pleat curtains? 

On this one day course you will make a sample curtain to learn all the techniques you need to make your own lovely curtains for your home.

You will learn -

How to measure your windows accurately for your own curtains.

How to calculate for fabric and lining.

Preparing the face fabric and lining

Prepare hems for hand stitching

Mitre corner with pennyweight

Hand stitching mitre corners with ladder stitch

Hand stitch your bottom hem

Herringbone stitch side hems

Add the bukram heading

Hand sew lining

Form pinch pleats

Finish pleats by handsewing (double and triple pleats)

This course is taught by professional curtain and blind maker Jennifer Rogers of Curtain Maker Cornwall.



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