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A little bit about Polliander...

Polliander produce a range of artisan one off pieces for people looking for something a little different. Each piece is skillfully restored to the highest standard and with impeccable attention to detail.

Vintage and antique items are sourced individually to ensure that the collection is of the highest quality and that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Polliander restore things with as much authenticity as possible; spending many hours agonising over which quality, visually interesting, British designed fabric is right for a piece and which wood finish will complement the look, to ensure that each finished piece remains true to the era from which it came.

It goes without saying that all their chairs are not only restored to last a life time but are also comfortable. After all, what use is a chair if it is not comfortable?

Polliander products are produced by Polly Waite a professional furniture restorer, trained in both traditional and modern upholstery, as well as many other forms of furniture restoration such as; French polishing, wood veneers, caning, general frame repairs and various paint techniques. With a passion for design and textiles, she has been known to go missing for days at antique fairs and also goes a bit weak at the knees in a fabric shop! She spends most of her time in the Polliander workshop in Bermondsey, London; constantly coming up with new ideas, following upcoming trends and trying out new techniques to ensure that each and every item produced is destined to become a centre piece in its new home, and cherished for years to come.